Top 5 Christmas Movies

By Michael Watkis – Contributing Writer

‘Tis the season people. With Halloween long gone and our American friends had their fill of Thanksgiving, we can now get majorly hyped for Christmas. The great thing is that there are so many ways to pick your spirits up after all this degree nonsense, we got songs, decorations, and of course Christmas movies. So strap yourselves in because we have another top 5 list, this time of all the greatest Christmas movies.

Jingle all the way- Coming your way first in this list is Schwarzenegger trying to get his son the must have toy. Jingle all the way released in 1996, appeals to all audiences and we can sympathise with Arnold’s character Howard Langston, going through all this effort for the top toy of the year, Turbo Man. A heart warmer with a good dash of humour, paired with the action packed hijinks of Arnie Schwartz this addition will make your Christmas all the merrier. I mean we get to see him fighting an army of Santa Clauses, so how can you not love that? But with four more still to go let’s move on, to number four.

Die Hard- Yes it is a Christmas movie. So let’s not go into any debates, it’s set at Christmas, it has a place on this list. Number four has Bruce Willis’ classic Die Hard. Going all the way back to 1988, when Bruce still had a good head of hair and all his good looks, Die Hard has Bruce Willis trying to fight his way out of what could be the worst Christmas party of all time, though he never had to put up with any of my Asda crew arguing over whose turn it was to get the shots in. When 13 heavily armed bad guys led by the legend that is Alan Rickman invade and start making their demands, it’s up to one man, his gun, and some amazing one liners to put them in their place. Die Hard has action, but also heart when we see Bruce’s character John McClane just wanting to get back to his wife. So even if you disagree over if it’s a Christmas film or not, stick it on because hey, it’s Die Hard.  

Elf- More of a festive piece, here at number three we have Elf. Will Ferrell is at his absolute best playing Buddy the Elf, a human accidentally brought to the North Pole as a baby, who with some help from his adopted elf daddy and Santa Claus himself, heads to New York City to connect with his human family. With some of the most quotable lines you will ever encounter in a Christmas film, syrup and spaghetti, and Game of Throne’s Peter Dinklage before his Tyrion Lannister days, showing off some serious ninja moves. Will Ferrell’s innocent character trying to find his family at Christmas is something which will capture your interest, and have you coming back year after year to watch it. Elf is a film that will make you laugh out loud, shed a tear of happiness, and most importantly get you worked up for the holidays. And now with only two spots left, let’s move onto number two on this list.


Home alone- Claiming the silver medal we have Home alone. The first in the series, and the classic this is another film that will have you watching year after year, though the sequel is also very good and worth watching for that Donald Trump cameo. Released in 1990 we see young Kevin McCallister, an eight-year-old who gets left (as the title suggests) home alone. As if isn’t bad enough, he also gets targeted by two burglars looking for easy houses to break into, forcing young Kevin to set some pretty genius and dangerous traps. I mean yeah you’re a young lad Kevin, and getting left by your massive family is very traumatic, but damn if he isn’t seriously sociopathic in this. Home alone is a film we can all enjoy, full of laugh out loud moments, emotions that run so deep you gotta get your swimming badges out, and all sorts of other festive antics, this is a film worthy of the number two spot on this list. But with one more to reveal, let’s not wait anymore.

Love Actually- If we have ever discussed Christmas films you will know this was coming. Our number one spot is British classic Love Actually. Full of some of the greatest actors and actresses that Britain, nay, the world, has to offer. This film makes you laugh, cry, cringe, and aww at all the right moments. Centring on eight different stories, which are later expertly blended through mutual friends, and odd connections that will blow your minds, this film keeps your interest piqued from the start and retains it throughout! To namedrop just a few actors we have treasures like Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Kiera Knightley, and so many more that I’d love to mention but word counts stop me. Really, the parting message with this is watch this film. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first, fifth, or fiftieth time. Just stick it on. With that, we’ve come to an end with this top five list. So if you’ve got some ideas, put on your favourite Christmas jumper, make a hot chocolate or grab a bottle of wine (or both), and just embrace the holidays. Happy Christmas to readers one and all.


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