Top 5 Christmas gifts for students

[Barbara Holguin | Contributing Writer]

Shopping for Christmas can always be stressful but we’ve got the best gift ideas for students. Whether it’s for a relative or even a flat mate, every student can benefit from these simple yet creative ideas:

  1. Pizza scissors

It’s no secret that most students stock up on plenty of frozen pizzas and cutting them can sometimes be quite difficult. This gift idea is ideal for all those students who struggle when cutting their pizzas and apart from being a handy tool it is affordable for anyone to buy! This gift idea can be found over at Prezzy Box:

  1. Small portable phone speaker

Music is a student’s best friend when studying, cooking, or getting ready for a night out. This gift idea is practical for students who like to listen to music without having to carry around their phone or their laptop. This gift is also an affordable one that can be found on amazon:

  1. Rechargeable IPhone case

Students who commute everyday to University will know how difficult it is to save their phone battery so this gift idea will be very useful to those who are constantly on the move and have little time to charge their phone. You can pick these up for a low price on Ebay.

  1.  Academic diary

Most students will already have an academic diary and will need to replace it after the holidays, and for those who do not, this is a very helpful way of managing activities and setting reminders. Academic diaries will have sections for pretty much everything so you can note down assignments and important e-mails. This can be found at different stores such as Paperchase or WHSMITH.

  1. Smartphone Projector

This creative little invention is perfect for all students. Most of us enjoy catching up with our favorite TV shows on Netflix or watching a film on a Saturday night. This gift idea allows you to project anything from your phone screen onto the wall by putting it into the phone projector and is perfect for those lazy days in! This gift can be found over at:

We hope everyone found this list useful, especially for those people who are difficult to shop for. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Hertfordshire students!

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