Top 5 Christmas Films

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Christmas time, a time where a special two week edition of the Radio Times comes out to show all the tv and films on over the Christmas period. Some Christmas films will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some will do both; but there’s no doubt about it that some films just have to be seen during the holidays. This list runs down the top five Christmas films to watch this festive season.

Home Alone – (Chris Columbus -1990) The film that very much started and ended Macaulay Culkin’s career as an actor. Based around a negligent family that forget their son as they go away for Christmas doesn’t sound like the best plot for a family film but bear with me. The young Kevin McAllister must protect his home from a pair of idiotic, but persistent, burglars. This one is sure to make the whole family laugh this holiday.

Elf – (Jon Favreau – 2003) This year Sky Movies have bought the rights to show the Will Ferrell classic, taking away from Channel 4 the official start of Christmas. But nevertheless it has to be in the list because I know many of you will watch Elf during the season to be jolly, with it’s comical moments of Will Ferrell adjusting to life in the big apple and heart warming moments from Zooey Deschanel and James Caan.

The Muppet Christmas Carol – (Brian Henson – 1992) A Christmas Carol is a classic story by Charles Dickens that you thought couldn’t be improved, until you add a green frog, a sassy karate chopping pig, and their group of kooky friends. They can change what was a great book into a piece of Christmas magic. As a film that can make you laugh and cry I urge you to watch this film, it has a special place in my heart and I hope it does in yours too.

It’s a Wonderful Life – (Frank Capra – 1946) This 1946 film is a wonderful example of a timeless piece of cinema. Ranking  at number 26 on IMDB’s list of the greatest films of all time just shows how much people love the film, with it’s lovely sentiment and the perfect tone for a yuletide family viewing. The Nightmare Before Christmas – (Henry Selick – 1993)  No film list is complete without mentioning eccentric but original writer Tim Burton. His look at Christmas from the view of fictional Halloweentown, also what I expect the inner workings of his imagination is like, is creative and refreshing to see. It can make us rejoice at Christmas time following the humdrum of films revolving around Mr Claus.

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