Top 5 beauty products I’ve wasted my student loan on

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[Amy Dodwell | Contributing Writer]

We can probably all agree that some of our loans are wasted on unnecessary rubbish, so here are the top 5 beauty products I’ve wasted my student loan on.

In at number 5: Urban Decay Naked Palette

Naked 2 palette

This was definitely an impulse buy for me because I have only used it twice. Don’t get me wrong, the colours in this eyeshadow palette are gorgeous; but at £38.50, is it worth it? I also probably should have practised my technique for applying eyeshadow before I splashed out on this product. I have tried following YouTube tutorials but it never seems to go right for me. I am sure this is the perfect palette for a makeup junkie, but I definitely have not got my money’s worth.

Number 4: Real Techniques Starter Set 1406

Real Techniques brushes

How could I buy a brand new eyeshadow palette without buying the brushes to go with it? The set includes a brow brush, a liner brush, a detailing brush, an eyeshadow brush, and a blending brush. But, as you can probably guess, this has had about as much use as the Naked 2 palette.

Number 3: Benefit Rockateur Blush


There are a few positives about this blusher – I love the rose-gold colour, the packaging, and the fact that it stays on all day. But I am not sure it is worth £23.50. Before I bought this I was using the Rimmel Lasting Finish Mono Blush, which is only £3.99, and I would say that is just as good as Benefit’s Rockateur blush.

Number 2: Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Look Fantastic beauty box

The Beauty Box arrives every month with five or six different samples to try, ranging from tan enhancers to hair brushes. It is like receiving a gift every month, and it is exciting to see what you’ve received, but often I receive things I would never use, or I end up having too many of the same thing. The Beauty Box is only £15 a month, but as students, we all know this money could be better spent.

Number 1: Proactiv Facial Kit

This celebrity-endorsed brand claims to clear all blemishes and prevent future breakouts, however, I only had to use it once to decide that buying this was a big mistake. One night, I applied the night cream to my face and it started to burn. So, I washed it off immediately and started to google reviews – probably something I should have done beforehand – and the horrors were unleashed. They do not tell you on the website that when you stop using the product the blemishes will most likely return and be worse than before. Also, they do not explain that they will take money out of your account and send you a new package every month. Needless to say, I quickly cancelled my Proactiv account and threw the products in the bin!

So, next time maybe I’ll think about whether I really need that new make-up, and if I do I’ll probably try a cheaper version first.

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