Top 4 Cocktails for the Holiday Season

[Barbara Holguin  | Contributing Writer]

With festive times around the corner what better way than to celebrate with a nice cocktail that you can share with your flatmates. We have narrowed it down to our top three alcoholic cocktails and a mocktail for all those that prefer non-alcoholic drinks.

Woo Woo cocktail

Ingredients: 1 shot of Vodka

1 shot of peach schnapps

4 shots raspberry juice


  1. Begin by pouring a shot of each ingredient into a cocktail shaker. 1 shot of Vodka, 1 shot of peach schnapps, 4 shots of cranberry juice. This will be enough for one person to enjoy.

  2. Finish off by adding a lime onto the edge of the cup. The colour of the drink is perfect for the festive season!

Daiquiri With A Twist

Ingredients: 1-½ ounces of light rum

¾ ounces of lime juice

¼ ounces simple syrup


  1. Begin by pouring 1-½ ounces of light rum into a cocktail shaker, ¾ ounces of lime juice and ¼ ounces of simple syrup.

  2. Shake it until it is completely mixed and to add a twist, add salt onto the edge the cup you use. You can do this by using a wet cup and pouring salt into a plat. Place the cup upside down onto the plate until the edges are covered in salt. This cocktail is perfect for Christmas house parties, enjoy!


This classic Mojito is made with a slight twist, I have included some raspberries to create that festive look with red and green.

Ingredients: 2-tablespoons of sugar

6-8 mint leaves

Club soda

1 lime halved

2 ounces of light rum

2-4 raspberries


  1. Begin by adding 2 tablespoons of sugar to a cocktail shakers, add 6-8 mint leafs, half a cup of club soda, a half of a lime, 2 ounces of light rum and 2-4 raspberries.

  2. Shake until everything is well mixed. Add some ice to give it a cooler taste. This drink is perfect to make before a night out or even with your family. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Virgin Piña Colada

Ingredients: 1 cup of ice

1 ¼ cup of pineapple juice

½ cup of milk

½ cup of heavy cream

2-tablespoons of sugar


  1. Put a whole cup of ice into a cocktail shaker, add 1 ¼ cup of pineapple juice, then ½ cup of milk, ½ cup heavy cream then finish off by adding two tablespoons of sugar.

  2. Finish off by shaking until all the ingredients are well mixed together. This last drink is absolutely perfect for those who prefer to not have any alcohol.  Plus, the white colour of the drink is perfect for the upcoming festive season.

All these drinks are also perfect for every season of the year. Making these drinks are super affordable and I brought all of the ingredients for under £20! Hope you enjoy making these! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Hertfordshire students!

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