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Top 3 Classic Horror Books (that aren’t Frankenstein!)

Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor

So, Halloween is quickly approaching and we’ve got some alternative book reviews for you. ‘Alternative’ you say? Well yes. We’ve decided to do things a little differently and offer you some spooky reading material that is outside of the normal Halloween recommendations. Here we’ve got a modern horror and two classic psychological thrillers: one from 1963 and one from 1890.

Carrie – Stephen King We’re probably pushing it by calling this ‘classical’ but no-one can deny that Stephen King is the ultimate when it comes to edge-of-your-seat storytelling. Carrie is King’s first novel (published in 1974) and, although one of the shortest in his repertoire, it has been adapted a multitude of times with always horrifically gruesome results. Come on, we all know that scene…

The Collector – John Fowles On the surface this novel is about a lonely man who collects butterflies. But after our protagonist meets the alluring Miranda Grey, we’re left wondering: could this interest be transforming in to a darker obsession? The Collector is 100 per cent creepy and 100 per cent something you wouldn’t want to be reading in the dark with a torch.

The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde You might have had to read this one before for school. The Picture of Dorian Gray is an early example of a psychological thriller from the ever famous Oscar Wilde. It’s definitely worth a re-read this season as its enveloping descriptions and hard-hitting message will leave you uneasy and intrigued. Perfect for Halloween!

Any catch your interest? We can’t decide what to read first! If can’t decide either, keep your eyes peeled for our in-depth reviews coming soon!

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