Top 10 things that will annoy you in shared living

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Moving out means two things – a whole new sense of freedom and also a whole new set of annoyances that you didn’t even know you had! From bins to bathrooms, shared living is tough and also makes you realise why your mum nagged at you so much… woops! Despite all this though, they will probably become some of our best friends and you’ll live happily ever after in your dirty kitchens!

The Jenga Bin

A wonderful phenomenon where people decide rather than taking the rubbish out, they will instead play jenga with the various pieces of rubbish – usually pizza boxes of some sort and pile them up until they fall. The same rules apply as in normal Jenga – if it falls, you lose and must take the bin out! Not half as fun!

The Pre-Drinks Clean Up

Everyone knows the drill, you decide to host pre drinks, have everyone over, drink A LOT… then you and your housemates come back and eat A LOT of drunken food. The result is waking up in search of water and being faced with a sea of bottles, spillages, McDonalds packets and an awful smell, and the worst thing is we do it all again the next week.

A sink is for cleaning… not for food!

Washing up is hardly a fun task as it is, but being greeted by food in the plug hole and other general unidentified objects just makes it that little bit worse. Scrape your food in the bin first guys!

Sleep Deprived

Early start? Tired? Snuggled in bed? Odds are all your housemates will come out of their rooms, congregate in the kitchen and make as much noise as humanly possible! You’ve got to love nocturnal students.

The Never-Ending Washing up pile

The ‘I’ll do it in a minute’ excuse always runs out and leaves the whole kitchen with a mountain of washing up with mouldy food on usually the remnants of last week’s breakfast Cornflakes… gross.

Caked Cookers

Just when you’re about to cook your pasta (who cares if it’s the third time this week?) and you realise the cookers black… except it’s meant to be silver. Lovely.

Bathroom Sharing

After going from the luxury of an en suite bathroom in halls, sharing one can be hell. Think unidentified hairs, empty shampoo bottles, never being able to get in the shower. Oh and there never ever being toilet roll in there when you go in!

Food Stealers

From biscuits to milk, someone will always want what you have. Despite having cupboards full of food, yours always seems way more appealing. A side note, never ever leave any form of cake in view of housemates, it will be demolished.

A bit of a squeeze!

Draining boards are all well and good, a great way to store the rest of your washing up while you finish it. Sounds dreamy right?! Except your draining board will always be full by people who either claim to not own a tea towel or just appear to be using it as an extra cupboard. You will also nearly smash a lot of your stuff due to this dangerous over stacking.

The lazy person!

Finally, you will always have a lazy person that refuses to do anything! They will never take the bin out and always have washing up and just be really annoying in general! They will also probably be the person moaning that the kitchen is a mess… hmmm. I bet you’ve all got someone in mind!

Most annoying part about sharing living?

  1. The Jenga Bin

  2. The Pre-Drinks Clean Up

  3. A sink is for cleaning… not for food!

  4. Sleep Deprived

  5. The Never-Ending Washing up pile

  6. Caked Cookers

  7. Bathroom Sharing

  8. Food Stealers

  9. A bit of a squeeze!

  10. The lazy person!

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