Top 10 horror movies of all time

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Trident Media thought it would be fitting to do a countdown some of the most popular and most loved horror movies of all time to celebrate Halloween! Why not gather all of your housemates together with some of your favourite Halloween snacks and have a movie marathon? (And maybe scare the pants off each other!)

Now, while many of us enjoy being scared, horror movies are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of the most loved horror flicks do not shock or frighten us, but instead they make us think and play on our mind.

Nothing divides an audience better than horror. Below is a list of some old classics to some more recent spine chillers that I hope will please all audiences. Here goes nothing…


While many enjoy the chilling instalments of the Paranormal Activity series, they appear to lose their edge with the sequels, leaving many questions unanswered (which is infuriating). The recent sequels have been laughable to many fans, that’s why this sits at number 10. Let’s hope the newest one lives up to its name.


Poltergeist is considered to be somewhat of a classic; it left many viewers scared of their TV sets back in the day. However, it doesn’t hold a candle to the things we are exposed to now, which is why it only made it to number 9.


Insidious held an interesting plot line and left viewers wanting more. But it wasn’t as spooky as it seemed once the sequel came out. With little mention and no appearance of the demon from the first movie, it left little to be desired. Another one that has a lot to answer for in the latest instalment.


Sinister is a chilling tale that breaks the stereotype of most horrors. It’s a great movie and leaves you scared of the shadows in your house; some scenes are certainly not for the faint-hearted. It may also leave you never wanting children… EVER.


While The Grudge doesn’t have a great story to follow, it does have all the jumps, scares, and spine chillers anyone could ask for from a horror. For a remake, it’s not bad – if you enjoy this adaptation then you should most definitely check out the Japanese original, Ju On: The Grudge.

Number 5 THE RING

The Ring skips the gore and the over-dramatic screaming from female characters that is typically seen in horrors. I know I could kick demon butt and hit you where it hurts if I wanted to (psychologically), which is why this movie is so deserving of the number 5 spot.


With a very dark atmosphere, a high body count and a very interesting storyline, The Chainsaw Massacre deserves one of the top spots. What makes it that bit more chilling is that it is based on a true story… (not recommended for those with a weak stomach).

Number 3 EVIL DEAD

Brutal and scary; for once the remake is better than the original (which can be described as laughable in places, but maybe that’s just due to bad/non-existent CGI). Evil Dead gets straight to the point and kept me glued to the screen right up until the gory finale. Number 2 THE EXORCIST

Picking number 2 was tough but after much deliberation, The Exorcist felt more than deserving. While the special effects leave something to be desired, the fact that it was released in the 70s must be kept in mind. It is rumoured that people left the movie theatre physically sick on release. This is truly a must-watch.


Another classic with a highly complex story line, including supernatural visions and spectral murder. However, if your attention wavers even for a moment you will be left lost and confused. But, The Shining is worth it and absolutely deserves the top spot. Everyone has, at the very least, heard of this movie. If you haven’t already seen it, why the hell not?

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