Three Youtubers that will help you up your fitness game

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Editor]

Feeling healthy and happy is the best – not only can it improve your fitness and body confidence, but it can make you happier as well! But sometimes, you can get stuck in a rut when it comes to exercise – maybe you’re bored of going to the gym and doing the same old thing day after day. That’s where Youtube comes in. Youtube is an excellent (and free) resource for so many things, and recently I have been loving watching some health and fitness Youtubers to help motivate my exercise regime. Here are my top three:

#1 Bree Loves Beauty AKA Cambria Joy

Don’t be fooled by the name, because Cambria from Bree Loves Beauty is a fully fledged fitness Youtuber, with just a handful of lifestyle and beauty videos on her channel. What I love about Cambria is her many tasty (and healthy) snack videos – she has one for every season! Snacking and trying to get fit is a minefield, and Cambria’s tutorials and advice are great for finding yummy snacks that are easy to make and good for you! Cambria also does some amazing workout videos – I love the variety of the exercises she does and they are so inspiring when you’re trying to decide what to do for fitness! Stick on one of Cambria’s videos in the morning and I guarantee you will have all the motivation to eat healthily and work out!

#2 Yoga with Adriene

There was a time when yoga would feel me with dread, mainly because I am the least flexible person ever, but Adriene has changed all that. She does some great workout videos that cover beginners all the way up to advanced. Adriene video’s range in their length, so you can pick how long you want to be on that yoga mat for – this is really helpful for all those slightly lazy people out there – all you have to do is stick on a video and 20/30/40 minutes later you’re done! Adriene also does some great videos that focus on yoga to do if you’re in a bad mood, if you’re at your desk at work or if you’ve got a headache – there’s so much variety on Adriene’s channel!

#3 Blogilates

Blogilates, AKA the channel of fitness instructor Cassey Ho, features many short and sweet videos that focus on a particular area of your body – so if you want to work on your abs, there’s a video specifically for that. She also does some really fun dance videos to popular songs – and who doesn’t want to dance? Cassey is a great motivator and gives out some great tips in her videos to help you really push yourself physically. Cassey also does some healthy eating videos as well, which is a great compliment to her fitness videos. If you’re short of time and want to squeeze a great workout in, Cassey’s channel should be your go-to.

So those are the YouTubers I watch to get motivated to exercise. Of course there are many other amazing fitness YouTubers – if you have a favourite, comment below or let us know on Twitter @TridentMediaUK – I would love to add some more to my subscription list!

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