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Three new releases to check out this summer

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[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor]

So you have finally have time to do a bit of pleasure reading – time to read what YOU want. Ha, I’m joking. Now I’m making the reading lists. Let me introduce you to some fabby new releases that you need to read this summer.

Human acts

Human Acts – Han Kang

Although technically not a new release, Han Kang’s Human Acts has been given a wonderful English translation from the brilliant Deborah Smith, that was published on 6th January by Portobello Books. Human Acts follows a variety of beautiful and twisting viewpoints up against the bleak and violent backdrop of a South Korean student uprising. The story takes place in an atmospheric Gwangju and is based on true events. This edition comes with a fantastic introduction from the translator which provides crucial historical context for a truly enveloping read. Although a realist novel, our story moves through some highly original points of view, such as a boy’s soul that is separate from his mutilated body. You need to be prepared for highly detailed torture scenes in this book, but be sure that this is a beautiful story that you aren’t likely to forget.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home – Carys Bray

Sweet Home is the recently reissued short story collection from A Song For Issy Bradley author, Carys Bray. Here, Bray presents us with some seriously gripping stories that are short, but perfectly rounded and fleshed out. Many of the stories are rich with themes of family and motherhood, and most feature children. This collection is a mix of realist and fabulist short stories, from a couple with a mystical ice baby to a woman struggling with the loss of her newborn. These stories are emotional, hard-hitting, and thanks to their short length, are perfect to fit around exam revision.

The Trouble With Women 1

The Trouble with Women – Jacky Fleming

Now this one is just a bit of fun. The Trouble with Women is a short collection of comics documenting and exploring some of the questionable and straight up ridiculous beliefs about women that are well-known from history. Many of the comics feature quotes from historic academics (such as Einstein and Isaac Newton) who clearly didn’t have a clue about what women were capable of. This collection is absolutely hilarious.

The Trouble with Women 2

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