Things to do for non-drinkers and commuters

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So now you know about all the exciting things that will be happening this Freshers’; however if clubs aren’t really your thing (or you’re stuck with having to drive), here’s some ideas for alternatives that are just as fun!

  1. Host a movie night

So you’ve met your new flatmates. Instead of heading out every night, why not suggest that you dedicate a night (or even one night a week) to staying in and watching a film? I’m sure that there’s a good DVD collection and a multitude of Netflix subscriptions between you all so why not make a go of it! No awkward ice-breaking conversations required and you can all bond over your love/hate for certain characters and films. If you’re a commuter, why not arrange a cinema visit with some of your classmates?

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  1. Visit a pub instead of a club

You may not be able to get away with ordering a straight lemonade in a club setting, but this is definitely more acceptable in a pub type location like our very own Elehouse. Settle down with a group of friends and get to know each other over fizzy drinks of choice and a portion of chips. Any individuals who are dead-set on drinking can order a slightly more civilised pint of beer.

Image: Tobi Olasupo

Image: Tobi Olasupo

  1. Join some societies

If you’re not based on campus, there’s no need to worry about struggling to make friends. There are plenty of societies and student-run clubs and groups to keep you busy. You’ll no doubt find something to go along with any existing hobbies that you might have. Check out all the helpful information on the Student Union website.

  1. Explore the local area

Finally, what better way to get to know your new surroundings than to explore all the exciting local sights? We’d suggest heading over to St Albans (just a short bus trip away) for shopping, historical intrigue, and lots of delicious food. And if you’ve got a car-driving commuter in your group of friends… even better!

  1. Reach out on Facebook

If you’re struggling to find a group of people happy to spend some time during Freshers alcohol-free, why not reach out on social media? You’ll be surprised at the amount of fellow non-drinkers who have joined the university this year. Publish a post on the official SU Freshers’ Facebook page and round up some people for a dinner date, cinema visit, or a simple coffee (because we’d always choose caffeine over alcohol!).

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

Hopefully you’ve now got a full schedule! Of course, you can still head along to the club nights and not drink (but we know how awkward this can be!)

Any more ideas for non-drinkers or commuters? Tweet us at @TridentMediaUK, or share on the Freshers Facebook page!

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