Things I wish I did during first year

Updated: May 6, 2021

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[Danielle Smith | Contributing Writer]

Joining university can be a scary choice to make, especially not knowing what to expect or who to meet. We conducted a survey asking first-year University of Hertfordshire what they wish they had done during their first year of university.

One student*  said: “I wish I spent less money on going out.” 

Most students hit this question every night that they go out, but due to having that extra freedom, you are most likely to do the extraordinary. Even though the night may seem cheap on a Cheeky Wednesday, it will soon all add up!

On the other hand, Ruby Collier, said: “I wish I went out more, but I didn’t take advantage of how easy the first year actually is and how much free time I have.”

Yes, the first year of university may seem easy to most, but this does not mean you shouldn’t try your hardest!

One of the scariest thing at university is making new friends and what better way than to join a society? Leah Kulkhanjian, said: “I wished I joined a society, in order to meet new people, and try different things”.

Although joining a society comes with the responsibility of commitment that some aren’t willing to offer, Alexander Lewsza stated: “I wished that I properly joined in with the society that I did pay for, as I have missed out on a great opportunity.”

Staying at the accommodation on the university premises to be classed as a challenge as proven by a comment from Hemant Mistry: “I wish I knew how to cook meat, so I did not have to live off qourn vegetarian meat for the first three months of university.”

For those living out with others, getting to know your flatmates is important as they are the people that you are living with. Victoria Nash, said that “I wish I had more meals as a flat in order to get to know them better.”

While the first year of university is all fun and games in the independent world, I personally wished that I spent more time doing pre-reading for lectures, and some extra reading in all modules to gain a few more marks in my assignments.

* The student requested to be kept anonymous.

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