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The William Taylor Case

By Emily Carter

Two days before his 70thbirthday, the wealthy farmer from South Hitchin, William Taylor, vanished into thin air.

Last seen on the 3rdof June this year, William lived alone and was wearing a baby blue shirt, jeans and black wellington boots – he also could be wearing or in possession of a blue boiler suit.

Weeks before his disappearance William Taylor complained to neighbours about his BT telephone line being tampered with. Unable to make or receive calls another way, Taylor didn’t think of it any more than a nuisance and requested to get it fixed. On top of this unusual circumstance, William had reported an arson attack on his Land Rover days before his mysterious disappearance.

After his family didn’t hear from him for a few years they realised that William had gone missing and sent out a report to their local police station. With a puppy at home they had just gifted him for his “milestone birthday”, the family stated that “this is very unlike him to disappear without warning”. For three months the police urged the public to come forward with any information about the case, however, all sightings reported were dead-ends. On top of this, William Taylor hadn’t been using his bank account since June 3rd…

September 19thsaw the arrests of four people. Taylor’s sons William Junior (age 18) and Michael (22), his ex-wife Angela (52), and another unrelated 53-year-old man. They are all believed to be suspicious of murder, and a conspiracy to commit arson. They are currently all on bail until December. William’s stepson, Gavin, stated, “the police have made a mistake. That’s why they have been bailed!”.

On September 21stDetective Chief Inspector Carl Foster from Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit said, “extensive searches have been carried out since William was reported missing, including thorough searches of the farmland surrounding his home.”

100 specialist volunteers from as far away as Dorset travelled down in order to aid in the search for any remains or traces of William around his six-seven square mile farmland. Difficulty ensured as the wheat was reported to be “chin-high” due to the warm summer months just passed. As well as the searches of William Taylor’s own farmland, the 150-acre property owned by his ex-wife Angela, was also extensively searched.

Nothing as of yet has been found but the police are updating this case every week in order to keep William Taylor’s story in circulation.

If you think you have seen this man, please contact 111 with any information you can provide.

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