The weird and wonderful Big Brother winners: Where are they now?

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Since the experiment started in 2000, there have now been 253 contestants through those Big Brother House doors. There have been 15 winners of Big Brother UK, 19 walk outs, eight ejections and 177 evictions. It is true to say that Big Brother has had it’s fair share of weird and wonderful characters. BlueMoon is now going to take into straight into some of their lives and try and find out where some of the most weird and wonderful housemates are today.

Starting with series five winner, Nadia Almada, the first transgender winner of Big Brother. Nadia caused a bit of storm in the Big Brother house and won the British public’s heart securing a massive 74% of the final votes. Following Big Brother, she released a single called ‘ A Little Bit of Action’ reaching the dizzying heights of 27 in the UK Singles Chart in 2004. She has also made appearances on Hollyoaks and has taken part in Celebrity Fitness Videos Not Fit For TV which lead on to a Latino inspired fitness video. Sadly, Almada has stated that “that the show has made her consider suicide.” Who knows what has happened to Almada since 2010 but she is still active on her Twitter account @nadiaofficial with over 44,000 followers.

Jumping to eries seven, we say hello to Pete Bennett from North Wales. Pete was famed for his tourettes and his fleeting romance with fellow contestant Nikki Grahame. Their relationship blossomed in the last week of the series but in 2006, they called it a day. In 2010, Bennett and his new grilled Gemma Costing featured in the living programme, Four Weddings, but in 2014, they were obtaining a divorce. The poor guy has not had the best run in love since featuring on the Channel 4 show. Bennett today is trying to become an actor but exclusive interview have stated that Bennett was a heavy LSD user and that Big Brother was effectively rehab for him. His famous twitches have been reported to have faded considerably and he is now drug-use free pursuing his acting career.

Big Brother 14’s socialite Georgina ‘Gina’ Rio was very public with her £10,000 a month allowance from her businessman dad. She formed a close relationship with Dexter, a publicist. Rio’s image was subject to a huge media frenzy and it was reported prior to entering the show that she was “Britain’s most spoiled girl” after it was leaked that she even lived in the luxurious Savoy Hotel in London. Rio is still in the public as a “Columnist turned author”. Her Twitter account @IAmGinaRio attracts over 75,000 followers for her riveting and engaging content.

Whoever enters the Big Brother House next is sure to get their five minutes of fame but if they can sustain their fame is the true test of a Big Brother contestant. Bring on the next series!

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