The US Election: An Englishman in America

Tom Boon | Contributing Writer (American Correspondent)

Every 4 years there’s one thing on America, and the world’s, mind. The US election. It’s always a big decision for America, but this year is arguably one of the biggest decisions that the world will see for a long time.

President Obama has served two terms now, meaning that America must elect a new president, and the candidates are Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

Hillary is a former First Lady of the United States, US Senator, and US Secretary of State, who appears calm and prepared in debates. She’s also the centre of a sensitive email scandal.



On the republican side there is Mr Trump. Presenter of the US version of the apprentice, Trump has often been a controversial figure in the media, with many scandals against him, and often making wild accusations.

“I’m not voting for either of them, they’re both morons”

To the majority of Brits it seems as though there is only one suitable candidate for the role of President, and leader of the free world, however things aren’t so black and white in the US! At the time of writing,‘s poll placed Clinton at only 2.2% ahead of Trump, meaning at lease half of Americans polled support Trump. Now this is a figure that has gone up and down over the past few months, and if the polls regarding the last general election in the U.K. are anything to go by, this shouldn’t be trusted like fact.

A huge proportion of Americans have no trust in either Hillary or Trump, and a large proportion of people have said that they’re not going to vote for a presidential candidate, rather opting to focus on local propositions, the US equivalent of referendums. When I quizzed an American citizen who I know well, I was met with the reply

“I’m not voting for either of them, they’re both morons”

On Tuesday America goes to the polling stations, and we should hopefully have a good idea of the result by Wednesday. Whatever the result, hopefully Obama’s successor will carry on his good work.

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