The Reality of having Cats at Christmas

Updated: May 6

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

If you have any pets, cats in particular, then you will know the struggle. All of us cat owners have been there; cats turn Christmas into chaos and seem to enjoy it at our expense. Below is a list of things, every cat owner would have experienced with their cat at Christmas,  no matter how well behaved their cat is.

  1. Your Christmas tree will never be safe again.

Credit: xXCinderzXx, img flip.

3) The cat then eats, said Christmas tree and ornaments, causing them to throw up hairballs all over them.


4) They keep diving into the wrapping paper when you’re wrapping gifts, till you eventually decide to wrap them instead.

Credit: Giphy

5) Your cat will love the empty boxes more than their actual gift.

6) Cats love to have some of your festive treats too.

Credit: PopSugar.

7) But Cats hate it when you try to dress up them!