The Pity of War review

[Ellie Pilcher | Contributing Writer]

Over 100 people gathered at the Weston Auditorium on Sunday the 30th of November for an evening with Timothy West, who read some of Wilfred Owen’s letters from the front and poetry written during the First World War. To accompany the poignant letters of Owen, who was killed in the war a week before the Armistice, was also music from the period performed beautifully by violinist: Matthew Trusler and pianist Martin Roscoe.

It was a lovely evening with West, who clearly enjoyed reading the words of Owen, although there were some issues regarding projection which were quickly sorted after a short interval, and Wests’ respect for the writer was clear when it came to his poetry, reading The Sentry, Disabled and finally Strange Meeting with clarity and a truly emotive tone.

The music was equally respectful with a truly mesmerizing performance by Trusler and Roscoe who performed sonatas by Debussy, Janacek and Elgar, each piece having been written during the 1914-1918 period.

Whilst there were some kinks in the night regarding projection and programming, it was still a pleasant evening for all those that attended, and a fitting tribute to Owen and the arts during this centenary year.

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