The New Gilmore Girls: A Budding Journalist’s Review

By Aimone Sharif – Head of Editorial

<For everyone who has yet to see the new Gilmore Girls series, stop reading now as there are quite a few spoilers!>

Anyone who grew up with Rory Gilmore knows that having this Netflix ‘A Year in a Life’ is a really big deal. Rory Gilmore was this young girl that we saw going to high school, get accepted and graduate from Yale, and when we leave her in 2007 she has blossomed into this amazing woman with great potential set to cover Obama’s presidential elections. 10 year later, we anticipate seeing the journey she has chosen and how life treated her after all these years.

But what if you had dreamed about being like Rory, and then her life is so screwed up that you wonder what will happen to you? Alas, big existential crisis is here!

Every journalist hears around 500 times a year how being a writer or reporter is an absolute waste of time and only the best of the best make it whilst earning a minimal amount of money. In fact, Rory quits Yale for a year even though she is a top student as she interns at the Stamford Gazette where she is told by CEO Huntzberger that she ‘doesn’t have what it takes.’ When Rory leaves in 2007, she is determined to defy all odds.

Admittedly, a lot can happen in 10 years, and no one knows what the future holds; Rory comes back to Stars Hallow couchsurfing until she ends up living with her all-time best friend, Lane Kim. After being rejected by multiple companies, Rory takes control of Stars Hallow Gazette but she is left unsatisfied. She still yearns for some adventure as she goes off  with her ex-boyfriend, Logan Huntzberger, on her last ‘Life and Death Brigade’ and continues seeing him throughout the episodes, even though he is engaged.

Throughout the whole four episodes, we feel that Rory is unsatisfied with life, she doesn’t know where to go or what to do. Dean is settled and has a family now, Jess is now a writer and working alongside artists pursuing his career in the Arts, and Logan is back in business and engaged with French heiress, Odette. Rory has nowhere to fit in any of their lives; she is still seeing Logan when she is in London but she knows it cannot go on forever but it doesn’t matter anymore as Rory’s moral compass has been flawed for at least two years.  

The coup de grace happened when she admits to her mother that she is pregnant (#lastfourwords). They both sat where her mother got married the night before with Luke- Yes! She made it as least! And she admits it and then…the show ends.

As I watched Rory ruin her life in these four extra episodes, I deep down wished I never watched them, that Rory remained the image of a successful and determined journalist. My initial feeling was that you actually can’t be a successful journalist and still have a good personal life, something I have been told from quite young. Nevertheless, I am too far gone into my studies that engineering is no longer an option, so I will just be the Rory I imagined her to be and hope for the best!

Netflix, you did ruin Gilmore girls for me though.

Via Netflix

Via Netflix

She comes back she is 32 and now lives with her mum. She has had a decent career at a few firms here and there, but has always been a nomad and has a boyfriend who she forgets about (Pete, Paul? Who knows?).

After watching the last episode I felt a bit doomed, maybe being a journalist is clearly not the way then.

Rory seems to be stuck in the past, seeing Logan and gallivanting with him and his rich friends, still looking for girls and drinking until the early hours of the day. She cannot let go of Logan even though he is engaged and his fiancé now lives with him.  Moving back to Stars Hallow, I expected her to make the gazette a big paper, but she doesn’t. It’s like she is focused somewhere else, but we don’t know where.

On the other hand, Laurel reconciles with Emily and finally marries Luke – the moment we were waiting for since season one. Better late than never!

Netflix, you have made me doubt my whole career once more…thank you!

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