The essential alternative Halloween playlist

[Ellis O’Connell | Contributing Writer]

It’s that time of year again where pumpkin sales skyrocket, children plead for confectionery at neighbouring houses, and Starbucks bring back their – dare I say it – Pumpkin Spice Latte… *shudders*. Yes, Halloween is right around the corner and whilst these things are prominent, for us students, socialising is at the forefront of Halloween.

Socialising around Halloween nearly always involves blasting Halloween-related songs – and it’s usually the classics. Sometimes you’ll hear a resonating cheer when that ‘Thriller’ intro begins. However, for the most part, you’ll just get a resounding “UGH! Not this song” from the people present – who will then go back to refreshing Facebook as the rest of the song plays out.

Here’s your solution: a playlist of 12 songs that are just ghoulish enough to keep everyone in the spirit of Halloween, but still allow everyone to celebrate together without going “Oi, change the song!” after the first 30 seconds of ‘Ghostbusters’.

From Adam Lambert’s house-infused and epic ‘Ghost Town’ to Melanie Martinez’ hypnotic ‘Carousel’; Marina & The Diamonds’ candid ‘Living Dead’ to Charli XCX’s dark-but-rhythmic ‘Black Roses’, there is a song to cater anything and anyone. Lorde and Lana Del Rey’s eery dream-pop slots into the middle of the playlist whilst FKA Twigs, Delilah and Disclosure draw the playlist to an end.

Whilst the songs may not be exactly about Halloween, they should be able to keep everyone from constantly refreshing their social media accounts and focused on the spirit of it all.

Listen to the playlist below!

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