The Elehouse: Is it Studentworthy?!

StudentWorthy usually challenges one of Trident Media’s team to try then review a service on offer at the University of Hertfordshire, like we’ve done previously with Breakout!, but we realised there was something it was missing: YOU!

That’s not a threat: what we mean is, wouldn’t finding out something’s student-worthiness incorporate the actual voices of our university’s community? Of course, it would, which is why we changed it up this time around, and went on a long quest (i.e. we made a survey on Google Forms…) to find out what YOU thought about a fundamental part of the UH student experience: The Elehouse!

We weren’t holding back, so we thought we’d get a key aspect of the worthiness out of the way when we asked what they thought about the overall value for money at the Elehouse.

Most of our anonymous responders thought the Elehouse’s prices were good, with the best review suggesting that “You get great value for money!”, and the worst suggesting that the prices were “Absolutely shocking”; and that it was “no wonder we all go spoons instead.” On that note, the idea that items were expensive at the Elehouse was a common theme, and was the second-most common answer to the question at seven votes compared to the nine positives. So, The Trident thinks that, overall, the Elehouse’s prices are decent, but better deals can be found elsewhere.

[Credit: Amber Slater]

Our second question asked students how the food was, and whether its quality matched its price.

Most students were on the positive side, but with the idea that there could be improvements to both the portion sizes, which were too small; the lack of variety of food and the lack of allergy-safe options. On the other side of the coin, one individual said the quality was “horrendous”, food was often served cold or missing ingredients, and portion sizes were far too small. Others were less critical but still thought the prices were too expensive for how much you actually received. Because of this, The Trident thinks the food’s value is passable, meaning it could certainly be better.

Moving on, we talked about something perhaps not often considered, but still fundamental to the experience of any eaterie: how were the staff at the Elehouse?

Overwhelmingly, students said the staff at the Elehouse were fantastic, mostly polite and helpful, and in fact helped contribute to a charming atmosphere overall. Granted, others drew attention to times when staff could be a bit rude, and that the politeness of staff could vary. One particular reviewer claimed that wait times were often slow, leaving some without food if the kitchen closed and that at times only one member of staff might be left at the bar to take orders while others cleaned. In total, judging by mostly positive reviews, we’ll say that the Elehouse’s staff are professional, but with consideration of the variability of that experience.

Atmosphere! Another big part of going to a pub or restaurant: you want to actually feel good when you’re eating, so a joint’s aura is also of great importance. Of course, The Trident asked our followers about this.

Again, the atmosphere was rated quite high with students praising the relaxed atmosphere, choice of music and that it was a good environment for conversation and eating. On the flip side, some found the music too samey, and too loud at times, and some went as far as saying the environment was pretty dead; one of which suggests that they “had more fun at a salad bar”. Considering the above, we’ll give it an adequate, meaning that the mood was mostly chill but the music has to step its game up.

Now, this question was simply down to an individual’s taste… literally. We asked our readers what their favourite food option was, and the results were very much a mixed bag: quite a few liked the burgers on offer, and others liked the pizza options and how it offered a gluten-free alternative as well. Desserts-wise, students loved the waffles, but more love was given to savouries like garlic dough balls and nachos, and a couple even brought up their favourite drinks; mostly Magners.

[Credit: Amber Slater]

Nearing the end of our questions, we asked what could be done to improve the Elehouse, and we got a bunch of diverse answers! An answer that cropped up more than once was for the Elehouse to improve its prices and deals, and to perhaps allow its guests’ free pool if they were customers. Some other highlights was an idea to allow students to put on their own gigs, to have more allergy-safe options, and to upgrade the space.

Despite the criticism, which is always entirely valid, 81% of our 21 surveyants said that they would return to the Elehouse, whereas only one individual would not return; the rest remaining neutral.

Finally, the concluding question: is the Elehouse StudentWorthy? Most of our respondents said yes, but noted that improvements, as said above, were necessary to make it better. The rest said no, some citing the expense of the venue, and some suggesting they would prefer to go to Wetherspoons.

As a whole, though, it seems that the answer is quite clear: The Elehouse IS StudentWorthy, but has many things it could improve on in terms of price, food quality and food variety.

The Elehouse’s Response:

The EleHouse always strives to give the best customer service as possible. We do apologise if you have experienced bad customer service in the Ele, it is something we are always working on with our staff to ensure you have the best experience.  At times, the EleHouse can be particularly busy meaning food can take slightly longer than usual. However, we ensure to let the customer know this before taking their order. Regarding the atmosphere of the EleHouse, we do try our best to have different genres of music and playlists to make sure there is something for every student. We also have different entertainment including a pub quiz, comedy nights, karaoke and open mic nights to try and improve the atmosphere bringing in more students. We do understand the EleHouse will not be every students’ first choice to socialise, however.

What do YOU think of the Elehouse, and our review? Do you agree with the opinions of our readers? Why not follow us on TridentMediaUK on Twitter and Facebook to keep track of our future surveys, so you can let us know what you really think is StudentWorthy next time around!

The results from this survey were collected anonymously, and there were 21 surveyants in total. Scores from each question are dictated by using the mode data value found from answers that were either positive, neutral and negative. However, without numerical score data, which we lacked, we could not provide fully accurate scores.

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