The Elehouse is back in business!

The EleHouse is back in business, set to open Monday the 18th September at 9am with a brand new breakfast and hot drinks menu, as well as a wonderful new logo (‘Ele’ house – geddit?)

The new menu not only boasts new food options but ones suitable for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. There’s delicious American style pancakes, a filling breakfast baguette, as well as the delight that stops us millennial’s from affording housing — avocado toast!

A new selection of drinks from the EleHouse also includes a wonderful array of hot drinks: coffees, teas, hot chocolate, and even bottomless tea or coffee — perfect for a much needed buzz in the morning, afternoon, and, since you’re a student, probably at night as well.

Ele breakfast drinks

Oh, did you also know the EleHouse is hiring, too? Head on over to the Hertfordshire SU’s Jobs and Careers site for information on how to apply to be venue staff for the EleHouse and The Forum.

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