The day we only ate pancakes

[April Wilson | TV Director; Martin Link | Contributing Writer] All images: Martin Link

Yes, you read the title right I spent Pancake Day doing what it was intended for: eating pancakes. (I’m just going to ignore all the religious reasons for the sake of this article.)

For a few years now I have missed out on eating pancakes on Pancake Day but this year I was like no more. This year I will eat pancakes. This year I will eat as many pancakes as possible. So I set about organising my challenge. I would eat pancakes and only pancakes all day.

Some thought I was a genius; others thought I was stupid. Though all could not help but respect the mission of eating as many pancakes as humanely possible. One person was not content to stand on the sidelines, and that was my boyfriend Martin. If I was going to eat pancakes all day, so was he.

And so we began our journey…

Pancake Number 1


Sugar and lemon pancake

April: For my first pancake I decided to stick with the classics and go for my childhood favourite, the sugar and lemon pancake. It was delicious. At that moment, I was like yeah, I can totally do this. Pancakes all day is going to be awesome.


Maple syrup pancake

Martin: I decided to also go traditional with my pancakes and smother it in maple syrup. Because you can never have enough Canadian goodness when it comes to pancakes.

Pancake Number 2


Nutella pancake

April: Now it was time to bring out the big guns. The Nutella. People who know me well know that I have a serious Nutella problem. I may have even on one occasion been caught sitting on the floor with a jar of Nutella and a spoon. Wearing a teddy bear onesie. So it’s of no surprise that for my second pancake of the day I went with Nutella.

Martin: Sugar and lemon pancakes are also a childhood favourite of mine. However, at this point I was starting to think I couldn’t do this. Sure I love pancakes but Martin needs food!!! Pancakes do not fill the hole in my stomach.

Pancake Number 3


Nutella pancake no. 2

April: Ok, so here is where I made a mistake. See the chocolate stains on my plate? That’s because I had this Nutella pancake straight after the first. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nutella, but for some reason having three pancakes in a row started making me a bit queasy. It was at this point that I questioned if I really was going to only be able to stomach pancakes all day.

Pancake Number 4