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TEDx theme revealed

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor]

Following last weeks article about TEDx coming to the university, Trident Media can reveal that the organisations theme for our very own TEDx conference is Pink Polar Bears!

As random as it seems, there is actually a complex psychological background to the theme and is better known as the ‘Ironic Process Theory.’ This is a process whereby deliberate attempts to suppress certain thoughts, make them more likely to surface. The original experiment was to say to people “Don’t think about white bears,” and most people tested would of course automatically think about White Bears. In more popular culture, the experiment was the basis for “The Game”, which from personal experience was constantly played in high school, and constitutes trying not to think about “The Game.”

The TEDx committee have decided on pink polar bears to be slightly more creative than the original psychological test and to catch students’ attention.

Matey Avgustinov, one of the committee’s lead organisers alongside Sean Ryan, said that he personally liked the theme as it was “original, eye catching and really fun.” Avgustinov also said that “just like TED, the theme is entertaining and educational at the same time. And the whole planning committee think it is exactly what the spirit of TED should be about; having fun and learning new stuff.”

The committee’s Head of PR, Nancy Alexandra, also said that the theme “represents creativity, unconventional ideas, global issues, psychology, technology and education.” She believes that as the theme is widespread, “it gives the range of speakers flexibility in choosing certain topics to talk about.”

Don’t forget that TEDx are still looking for student volunteers and student speakers! Make sure you email

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