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Ever heard of TED? (No, it’s not the cuddly teddy bear who likes to swear and get drunk with Mark Wahlberg.) TED is a nonprofit organisation that is devoted to spreading ideas worldwide, in the form of short, powerful talks.

TED began in 1984 as a conference addressing technology, entertainment and design and has now grown into a global community that aims to inspire and change attitudes. Famous innovators and filmmakers have even taken part in these events, such as LOST creator J.J. Abrams, U2 frontman Bono and Google’s Larry Page.

TEDx is a branch of TED that allows independent organisers to create their own TED-like conferences. The University of Hertfordshire has been lucky enough to secure a licence to hold its very own TEDx conference early next year.

The format of the conference will be a one day event and will comprise of a series of talks ranging from 10-20 minutes each, over the period of the day. The speakers, also yet to be confirmed, will include people from in and outside of the university and will give talks about various topics, such as; the environment, psychology, law, politics, medicine and art. All the topics will have to be relevant to the TEDx theme.

Whilst the theme was chosen a few weeks ago, the committee have decided to reveal it on November 10th during TEDx week at the university. In the meantime, they are hosting a series of mystery challenges to get students thinking about what the theme could be. Little hints, riddles, lyrics and photos are being posted on the TEDx facebook page, giving students an opportunity to guess. There is even a potential for prizes to be given out to those who can guess the correct answer.

TEDx week is running from Monday November 10th to Friday 14th, hoping to raise awareness of the event and to start spreading ideas. The schedule for the week;

  1. Monday – Revealing of the theme and winners of the mystery puzzles (12:00-14:00 Forum open area)

  2. Tuesday – Screening of TED and TEDx videos (18:00-19:00 Hutton Hall)

  3. Wednesday – Hatfield Amazing Race around Hatfield monuments and historical landmarks (15:00-16:00 de Havilland Campus)

  4. Thursday – Brain Games. Escape the room (14:00-16:00 de Havilland)

  5. Friday – Moments in the Spotlight, wrapping up TEDx week (15:00-17:00 College Lane)

Student volunteers are still needed to help out the various departments over the next weeks of planning and on the day of the event.  If you want to take part in the TEDx conference as one of the student speakers, the committee are looking for one undergraduate, one postgraduate and one PhD student. The deadline to apply for student speaker is November 20th. If your application is successful you will invited to a student speaker event where the finalists will be decided.

If this interests you, please email tedxuniversityofhertfordshire@gmail.com with answers to the following questions;

  1. What would you like to talk about and why?

  2. What makes you a suitable speaker for a TEDx conference?

  3. What is your favourite quality about TED talks

Want to find out more about TEDx at the university? Find them on facebook, instagram and twitter @TEDx_Uni_Herts

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