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Our local pub hosted a night of karaoke and popular TV show game, Take Me Out. The event was organised by students to raise money for a volunteering trip to Thailand.

Samantha Dukelow and Emily Stevens held the event at the EleHouse on Valentine’s Day. They both hope to travel to Thailand to teach school children and help mistreated elephants with the funds raised.

The EleHouse saw a role reversal for their version of Take Me Out. There were a group of 10 men picking a woman to take on a date. Seven rounds of Take Me Out were played with five women getting dates. After the game show had ended, students ended the night with several rounds of karaoke.

Image by Samantha Dukelow

Image by Samantha Dukelow

Take Me Out is traditionally played with a single man being picked by a group of 30 women. Candidates for Take Me Out reveal interesting things about their life, in a hope to secure a date. The group of women have a light to signify their interest in a date. Those with their light on are interested in a date and those with their light off are not.

In between rounds of Take Me Out, Stevens sold raffle tickets to raise money for the FutureSense Foundation. The charity supports development in some of the poorest regions of the world. Winners from the raffle draw won prizes including a bottle of wine and a free drink on draft.

Taylor Hunt, participant in Take Me Out, said: “It was a good laugh and it was nice seeing the audience getting into it.” Although Hunt did not get a date during the game, he adds that he had fun anyway.

Hunt kept the audience entertained throughout the game show. Presenter of Take Me Out, Sebastian Scott, asked hopeful candidates questions that would reveal more about them. Scott said: “My favorite answer came from Taylor. I asked why he turned his light off and he said ‘I’ll reject her before she rejects me’, classic!”

Following the game show, karaoke began in the EleHouse. There were duets, lone performers and group acts. Songs included: Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy in Love’, Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ and Electric Six’s ‘Gay Bar’.

One singer blew the audience away with a performance from the late Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’. Liyana van der Sijp says: “I was a bag of nerves, but that was soon gone when everyone cheered me on. It was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again.”

Image by Sebastian Scott

Image by Sebastian Scott

Following popular student support of the night Bradley Johnson, Raise and Give Chair, commented that the night was a “fantastic success.” He also applauded Dukelow and Stevens for organising the event.

Elliott Moore, an audience member, commented on the evening. Moore said: “It was interesting. I did not realise the event would be so popular or so funny. I don’t usually go to these events, but I will be after this.”

The event was only possible due to the help of Hertfordshire Students’ Union, according to Dukelow. A pub quiz is being organised by her and will be held in the EleHouse on the 15th of March. Dukelow hopes this event will be as popular if not more. Contact the EleHouse with any questions or suggestions for future events.

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