Suzero Snacks

By Jess Pratt

Who are they?

Suzero is a team of five which includes Sam, Ollie and Tom who are actually all ex-Hertfordshire students. Ollie bet Sam that he couldn’t give up sugar for a month (whilst on campus at Hertfordshire) and the business bloomed from there. Their core values are ‘honesty, healthy and happy’ , which in my opinion is a set of really great core values and what every student at Hertfordshire should thrive to be.

What is Suzero ?

Suzero is a collection of healthy and low sugar snack bars (which are gluten free , dairy free, vegan and contain no palm oil). The flavours they come in are Apple & Cinnamon , Cherry & Coconut , Maple & Pecan and Cacao and Orange. If you love peanut butter as much as I do then these are definitely the bars for you.

Price– They are available to buy on their website through Amazon at £5.99 for a box.

I would definitely speak to them if you see them around on campus and purchase them to support ex-Herts students !!

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