Surveying UH students about catcalling

By Robert Wheatley – Health and Innovation editor

Trident Media has previously written about the subject of street harassment, with Wharfe showing that most respondents had not only been negatively affected by the experience and had a negative perception of it, but most had disturbingly experienced it before the age of 16; under the age of consent.

Catcalling can be in the form of comments about a person’s physical appearance, wolf-whistling, and physical gestures that are ultimately unwanted because of a lack of consent from the person receiving the catcalling.

Typically, the targets are women. In an interview with 2500 women in the UK, ActionAid found that 75% had experienced ‘violence or harassment in cities’. In a 2011 survey by Gallup of 11,259 women in the UK, 62% were also less likely to feel safe at night in comparison to 82% of men (Gallup).

While global statistics tend to show that women face higher rates of catcalling, this is not restricted to women: men and non-binary people also face street harassment, with US statistics showing that primarily LGBT-identifying males faced street harassment in the form of homophobic or transphobic comments (

Trident Media wishes to run another survey, directed at University of Hertfordshire students, on their experience of catcalling on, or around, campus; as well gauge their perception of catcalling. This has indeed been covered by Wharf before, although the following survey will be utilised for statistics for a comparison at our partner university, the College of Charleston.

I am part of a group that is exploring street harassment on campus, having been inspired by many colleagues experiencing catcalling around the college. The results from this survey will be compared to results from a survey directed at College of Charleston students. Our comparison will look at the perception students have of street harassment, as well as their experiences of it, to see if there are any similarities or differences.

Demographic information can be collected from the survey, such as gender identity, sexuality, age, etc. – however, this is optional information, and its only usage will be for statistical evidence. If you wish to partake in the survey, please note that you must be:

  1. 18 years of age, or over;

  2. A student at the University of Hertfordshire;

  3. Have received street harassment, and this has been either on the University of Hertfordshire campus, or around the campus (i.e. the outskirts of the campuses).

You can fill in the survey here. If you know others that fit the above dimensions, please consider referring them to this article.

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