Survey: Have you, or has someone else you know, been affected by mental health?

[Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor]

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 4 people will experience a kind of mental health issue within a year, and worldwide it is estimated that mental health affects more than 450 million people. This is significant, and makes it more unfortunate that those with mental health issues are still facing stigma, from the media’s harsh labelling and stereotyping of moderate mental health disorders, to those facing issues gaining employment because of their diagnosis.

In this survey you will be asked a few questions in regards to mental health: either your experience of mental health, or knowledge of another’s experience with mental health issues. We will be asking about the effect this has had (for example, one’s employment) and one’s gender and age to gain some insight into demographics – this demographic information is not a requirement, and the entire survey will be completely anonymous.

Maybe you aren’t sure if you have or know someone with a mental health problem: the Mental Health Foundation has information about mental health and how common it is.

Take the survey here!

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