Summer Festivals: Are they worth it?

Two of our writers go head to head on the subject of summer festivals.

“For” – Splash out for a summer to remember

[Jacob Beckingham-Wells | Contributing Writer]


I am going to start by saying that festivals are in no way perfect -the toilets smell and the food is greasy, and it should be illegal to charge nearly £5 for a pint of beer. However, in my honest opinion, festivals are the perfect escape. Spending time with friends, drinking, and sleeping in tents, all whilst making new friends is something that everyone should enjoy. It’s at a festival that you can forget your responsibilities and the real world, and focus on trying to decide who to watch; Kings of Leon or Calvin Harris?

In addition, what other experience offers the chance to see all your favourite artists in one place, and for one lump sum? For example; you could see an artist at their own concert for £30, or see 15 in a weekend for around £200. Which means that, technically, you are making a £250 saving going to a festival. Saving money is at the forefront of every students mind, and could you not sacrifice a year’s worth of gigs for one blowout in the summer? I know I would. And besides, what else are you going to be doing with that student loan you have left over?

Seeing your favourite band at a festival should only further your love for them, almost all music is better live, especially when everyone is in high spirits. Still one of my favourite memories is being in the front row for Rudimental, the sun was shining, the drinks were flowing and, truthfully, it was paradise. To sum it up, basking in music and drink for a weekend isn’t a bad offer, save yourself some money and enjoy it.

“Against” – Save yourself the debasement

[Charlotte Mullin | Contributing Writer]


For some reason, the general reaction I get when I admit that I don’t like festivals is of the utmost shock and horror, as if I just committed a human sacrifice. Be honest, festivals are one of the biggest wastes of time and money around. Admittedly, I have only been to one in my entire life, but that was enough experience to know I’d rather melt my face off with a belt-sander then go to another.

What is there actually to like? Alright, a line-up may include some of your favourite artists in the whole world, but there is no way that’s worth forking out hundreds of pounds to stand in a disgusting field full of garbage engulfed by people who haven’t showered in three days. Chances are, if a band is playing a festival, it’s part of a leg in their tour, so you might as well buy a ticket to one of their own gigs. Surely it’s better to see several bands during the course of a year – in clean, warm venues – than to blow all of your money on one festival. The cost of a weekend ticket is extortionate enough, but remember you’d also have to pay for camping supplies, food, weather-appropriate clothes, travel…do you really want the remnants of your loan to be wasted like that? On vending stalls which might as well chop off one of your hands for the prices they charge? In no universe should a burger and fries cost £15.

Don’t even get me started on the camping itself. I shudder just thinking about it. A wave of tents smushed together, full to the brim with noisy teenagers off their tits fingering each other and screaming long into the early hours of the morning. And to make it worse, it’s impossible to have a decent shower or use a toilet that hasn’t got every type of bodily secretion smeared all over it. If a festival field was the first human contact an alien spaceship encountered, they would immediately destroy our planet, because those campsites are genuinely the most uncivilised hellholes on earth. It’d be a better use of your money just to shred it. Save yourself the debasement to your body and don’t bother going to a festival.

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