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Your SU Election results as it happens

Tensions are running high, everyone is a bit excitable and filled with nerves. It can only mean one thing: ELECTIONS RESULTS.

Friday 11th March marks the day that Hertfordshire Students’ Union will gain their next five Full-time Officers, Part Time Officers, Student Trustee, NUS Conference Delegates, School Officers and Chair and Deputy Chair of Council.

At 2pm today voting closed for Hertfordshire SU Elections, marked with a mutual exasperated sigh and a squeal of relief from all candidates, staff and students involved. An incredible amount of hard work and effort has gone into campaigning over the last eight days and making these elections happen over the last few months.

No matter what the outcome, all candidates should be extremely proud of what they have achieved over campaign week. Despite the highs and the lows, SU elections are quite the unique experience of a lifetime.

Check out our live stream:

 Full-time Officer Results

  1. President: Grainne O’Monghain

  2. Vice President Democracy & Services: Cynthia Ekezie

  3. Vice President Education & Welfare: Ciara Spillane

  4. Vice President Student Activities: Annabel Mabin

  5. Vice President Communications & Media: Shelby Loasby

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