Study Abroad Blog: From Herts to Venice

[Jorge Ugalde | Contributing Writer]

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How and where do I even start describing these last four months full of educational, eventful and life enrichment experiences?

Well let’s just start from the why did I choose Erasmus? My reasons are not the usual “I love Europe, I want to explore it and travel with the wind”, no; it was actually an accident, the result of unwise decisions and actions over the year.

My primary objective was actually to go to America, the land of dreams, where I would be able to fulfill my needs as a dancer, but again due to my underperformance I was denied any option of studying internationally and was left with Europe. At the time of choosing the city my decision was influenced by my emotional state so I choose to go far from my comfort zone, and Milan was the best option.

I literally threw myself into the wilderness, but wait, I am making it sound like an awful experience! No, in the contrary it is definitely a really big highlight of my life. The exposure to a whole different country, cultures, both domestic and from other Erasmus students, views and mannerism, really allows you to learn so much about yourself and the world.

I wandered into the unknown and ended up with a huge family, no matter where we came from we were there for each.  There was an adventure waiting for us everyday, even going to the grocery store was one to remember.

The Italian culture is definitely very different to the English one, really laid back, no sense of urgency, and I have to agree that the image that tourist have about typical stereotypical Italians are true; their diet mainly consists of pasta and pizza. But their country and gastronomy is beautiful, their cities are full of history, it’s like stepping back in time and with the beautiful weather I really wouldn’t mind living here.

I can tell you about my experience for days, give you suggestions on what you need to prepare or what not to do but that will take the found out of it, you need to go through the whole experience, that’s what makes it an unforgettable one. Actually I can give you one tip, go with an open mind and a humble heart.

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