Study Abroad Blog: Andrew Anthony from Australia

Hopping off my 20 hour flight and placing my feet down in England was surreal to say the least. I think “holy oh my gosh is this real life even” sums up how I was feeling. The weather upon arrival was as expected, grey and gloomy. Since being here though I’ve come to appreciate the sunny days that we get here and there; I’ve been told to expect the weather to get worse and worse approaching Winter. Here’s hoping I survive.

In the three weeks I’ve been here I feel like I’ve seen quite a bit of England already. London is amazing (of course). I knew there would be red busses and phone booths but I never expected the city to be teeming with them! It literally was like stepping into a movie with the familiar London landmarks all popping up quickly. It is truly remarkable.

I love that Brits love the tea and biscuits, because so do I! I cannot tell you how many Jammy Dodgers I’ve consumed in the last few weeks. I always laugh about how all the British students go on and on about Chocolate Digestives (and yes I’ve had one, and yes…it was delicious). Food overall is pretty similar to Australia here; nothing’s too out of the ordinary, EXCEPT…(wait for it)…popcorn. Yes popcorn. I was at a free student BBQ and I picked up some popcorn, put it in my mouth expecting the familiar salty taste…and it was sweet!?! Apparently sweet popcorn is a thing here! I mean, if ASDA sells it then it must be true. That was really crazy for me because sweet popcorn is a bit of a novelty back home.

I was so excited to be able to travel to Stonehenge in my second week. It was truly beautiful and the bus trip gave me the opportunity to see the green British countryside that I was hoping for. The weather was remarkably British at Stonehenge. It was so cold and so windy and so wet. Of course I had forgotten my rain jacket and umbrella so I got to soak up Stonehenge whilst soaking up the rain. Nevertheless it was beautiful.

I’ve got some more trips coming up soon. England is the perfect home base for travel and I am so happy to be here right now. Don’t get me wrong I’m also studying quite a lot actually and it does take some adjusting to get used to balancing study with university life and then travel on top of that.

I still wake up and don’t believe it. I want time to drag on forever so that I may live this experience as long as possible. This time last year I never dreamt that I’d be in the middle of England, writing this article. I cannot wait to see what studying abroad brings me next.


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