Students write poetry to raise money for Syria

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The Jabberwock, a student lead non-profit creative writing magazine, has asked contributors to write poetry based around fairytales from their childhoods to create a pamphlet. The aim of the pamphlet is to raise awareness of the families and children within Syria, or those that have fled this area of conflict. The pamphlet is £3 and all proceeds are going to Save the Children, a charity that delivers vulnerable children food, clean water, education and life-saving medicine.

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“We did what we were equipped to do as Creative Writing students… to try and make the world a little bit better with our writing,” Daisy Butcher, editor-in-chief of The Jabberwock, said. She had the idea for the pamphlet due to the recent terror attacks in Syria. She added:

“With the recent terror attacks on Paris, countries are now even less willing to take in Syrian Refugees and offer asylum, so it has never been a more important time to lend support.”

The writing team decided to focus on poems based around fairytales as this genre typically transforms itself into bedtime stories for children, reaffirming that the pamphlet is for and dedicated to children, much like the proceeds. Ben Fox, script editor and co-founder of The Jabberwock, said that the fairytale theme was chosen because it “harkens back to an age of innocence. The ideas of a fairytale are to educate and entertain. Fairytales also offer a sense of escape for the reader.”

Fox also stated that it’s important to note that the child refugees won’t get the same childhood that Western children see as “normal”. He explained that he wants the poems to be read by children, or even adults, with the purpose to entertain in addition to revealing a moral message.

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Save the Children has revealed that the crisis in Syria is their largest ever emergency response situation. 11,000 children have been killed in Syria and 7.5 million have been affected by the conflict. 2.1 million Syrian children are now refugees and are living in terrible conditions in overstretched camps; cramped, temporary accommodation; or on the streets.

The charity hope to “rekindle hope for young people who are particularly vulnerable to being smuggled, trafficked and abused on route to what they believe is their only hope of a better future.” The most vulnerable children are those living inside Syria, who are all at risk of death, injury or illness each day, due to living in a war-torn country. They are also helping those who have fled to Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, all of which are just as scarred from war.

To find out where to buy the poetry pamphlets and donate to Save the Children, email:

The first issue of The Jabberwock is out now, view it here.

If you are a student at The University of Hertfordshire and would like to contribute to the magazine, follow the simple instructions on The Jabberwock website.

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