Students head home for Christmas

Image: Tom Boon

[Tom Boon | Contributing Writer]

To give everybody a chance to say goodbye to each other before the holidays, on the 16th December, staff at the EleHouse hosted an all day Christmas party with activities such as pass the parcel, brussels sprout eating contests, raffles and other party games.

Christmas is a time when Hatfield becomes a ghost town, with the only planned University closure of the academic year taking place from the 24th December till 4th January.

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Image: Tom Boon

Trident caught up with Andrew Seaman, a third year placement student, for his opinion of leaving university for Christmas.

“I think it’s quite mixed emotions to be honest. A good chance to realise how much your family does for you. It’s good to look forward just so you can detox from the first semester and recharge your batteries for round two, but obviously it’s the time when some of your international friends go. Which is always sad because at uni you always make good friends.”

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