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[Laura Slingo & Tom Boon | Elections Team]

On Monday 7th March, the fourth day of voting, Trident Media went around College Lane and de Havilland campuses to see what students made of the SU Elections. Of everybody that wanted to talk on camera, all knew about the Elections occurring. Some of the people seemed excited, whilst others did not seem to care.

Tom Rowe, a second year film student commented: “Compared to last year, when I was a first year, I think it’s a bit more engaging”.

In contrast, second year Engineering student Richard Watson did not seem impressed when he said: “It’s a lot of people campaigning and bothering people around campus”.

Everyone Trident asked on camera said that they would be voting in the Elections.

One group of first year students replied “It’s just the shop isn’t it?” when asked what the Union does, and appeared completely unaware that the Elections were occurring throughout the week.

Lesley, a Sports Therapy student commented on the Elections, stating: “I think they’ll be good. I haven’t received a massive amount of information on it, but today is the first day I’ve actually seen any people going around campaigning.”

One anonymous Hert’s student (Trident assumes), wrote a blog post about the elections. In it they claim: “With Trident Media having to be completely unbiased and the teams focusing on advertising themselves like they’re a Tesco meal deal it’s a lot of buzzwords and painted banners that don’t actually tell us about themselves”, whilst offering an interesting run down on each of the slates involved.

Daniel Johnson, second year Physics student commented: “I think it’s a really funny article, but done in a way that allows the candidates to respond. The student voice isn’t often heard during election time, [I] can’t wait to hear more!”

The elections have not gone unnoticed on social media, with lots of mixed comments on Yik Yak. One OP on 7th March posted: “I will vote for whoever makes the AU membership cheaper, £95 for a purple fucking hoodie with barely any benefits”, prompting Yellow Boot to reply: “#FRESHherts are planning to spread the cost so you don’t have to make one large payment”. Regardless, it is important to note that the AU is part of the University, not the Students’ Union, meaning elected officers can only lobby for change.

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Whether you love or loath elections time, it’s clear that they’re not going unnoticed. Tweet your elections stories to @TridentMediaUK #HERTSSUVOTE.

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