Student Lock In? More like student take over!

[Jennie Couling | Contributing Writier]

On Thursday 17th October, thousands of University of Hertfordshire students flocked to The Galleria for the annual Student Lock In. For the third year running, shops were offering up to 30%  discount on items on top of normal savings. Favourites amongst buyers were Nike (predicted to have around 1000 customers an hour) and Funk Rock.

Whilst some shoppers took the opportunity to treat themselves, some were savvy enough to save on the essentials, like students Nick Donoghue and Ben Spode who were buying supplies for their geography trip. One shopper, Aaliyah Hudson, was so proud of her TK Maxx find, she didn’t want to be seen in it until the time was right for it to make its debut.

Some students expressed a wish for there to be a more student friendly selection of shops. Natasha Wilson said she feels like the Galleria, “doesn’t cater to students at all’ and “would rather go into London to shop.”

However, Tim Walker, Centre Director of the Galleria reassured that, with a high turnover rate, exciting things could be round the corner.

Most shoppers seemed satisfied, as customers in Nike looped the whole length of the shop and the queue for Nandos vouchers snaked through nearly half of the top floor.

It wasn’t all about the shopping, as The Galleria was filled with club promoters, fitness instructors, charity collectors and stalls handing out freebies. DJ Trunk kept the upstairs buzzing while outside Waste Not Want Not, Sandy Hop were partying 1930s style.

Despite the Student Lock In only happening once a year, Tim Walker insisted that shopping at the Galleria all year round should be “a complete no brainer” for students with prices 50% off normal retail prices and many of the restaurants offering up to 40% discounts with an NUS Extra card. You can get yours from the Students’ Union on either campus for just £12!

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