Student Hack: make your timetable your lock screen!

[Robyn Duvelly | Design Editor]

We all know that starting university can be quite daunting but with the right guidance you’ll soon feel at home. I know that my first day was quite hectic, mainly because I couldn’t remember which room I was in at what time. Lectures, seminars and practical sessions packed into one week can all be a bit full on when you’re new to it!

So to make life that little bit easier, I made my timetable my lock screen for the first few weeks, just so if I did forget where I was supposed to be, it wouldn’t take me ten minutes to locate the tatty creased sheet that had my timetable on – which let’s be honest most people lost on the day of induction.

What to do:

Just login to Studynet on your phone

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Click timetable, screenshot it, and then make the image your lock screen

You’re done, with one less thing to worry about!

The University’s mobile friendly website makes this a piece of cake! Organisation is key to a successful time at uni but remember to have fun! Stay tuned for more student hacks!

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