Staying safe: Herts Uni holds lowest crime ratings

[Laura Slingo – News Editor]

There is no longer a need for parents to worry about leaving their babies to fend for themselves at university. Well not as much as they used to anyway. Official statistics from have revealed that the University of Hertfordshire has the lowest rate of recorded ‘student-relevant’ crimes in the east of England.

The trusted university site collated police data regarding the most relevant crimes to students, including burglary, robbery, violence, and sexual crimes from May 2014 to April 2015 occurring on university campuses or surrounding neighbourhoods. Following this, the site then ranked universities regionally, and Herts Uni had the lowest rate of recorded crime in the east of England for the fourth year running.

Delving into statistics, figures revealed that from May 2015 to April 2015, just 20.02 incidents per 1,000 residents of the University’s neighbourhood were reported to Hertfordshire Constabulary. This highlights Herts’ reduced rate of crime thanks to its efficient constabulary, especially in comparison to England and Wales’ average of incidents per 1,000 which stands at 41.6 per cent.

Vice Chancellor, Quintin McKellar, comments: “We are proud of the highly productive partnership we have with Hertfordshire Constabulary and the Welwyn Hatfield Community Safety Partnership. We work closely with the University policing team to ensure our community is safe and welcoming for students, staff and visitors.”

With such high standards and proactive measures for keeping Herts Uni safe, McKellar adds: “Parents and students are often concerned about safety whilst at university and we are pleased that we can offer students a safe place to study.”

Neighbourhood Inspector for Welwyn, Hatfield, Jeff Scott expanded on the community efforts to prevent crime in the Herts Uni area, stating that: “The University has a dedicated PC and two PCSOs, one of which is funded by the University, who work hard to keep both students and staff safe in and around its campuses.

“Working closely with the University and our colleagues in the Community Safety Partnership, the team raises awareness amongst students of the importance of keeping themselves and their belongings safe, particularly during Freshers’ Week.”

In light of Freshers’ Week, and incoming new students to an unfamiliar environment, it is essential that all students prepare themselves to stay safe.

For more information on staying safe and preparing yourself for your UH experience, check out Herts’ Student Support pages online where you can also find the A-Z of the University of Hertfordshire; the comprehensive guide to life at UH.

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