St Albans Fashion Week: Jewellery Design

One child’s smile for one necklace…

[Cristina Aroldi | Contributing Writer]

The lovely and characteristic city of St Albans was painted by children’s smiles on the 28th October.

From 11 to 12 am in the Fashion Week Office, French Row, about 20 children accompanied by their parents decided to attend the Children Jewellery Event in order to learn how to make necklaces and have fun at the same time.

A father of two twins enjoying the event said: “I decided to come to keep children entertained during school holiday”.

Helen Burridge, the event organiser, is the owner of Homespunliving, an association that runs workshops and teaching courses in the art of sewing, dressmaking and children’s costumes. She was asked by the St Albans Fashion Week to take care of the quality of materials and provide quality beads and strings, instead of cheaper home made ones.

“This is not the first time that I work with children. I used to work with families, schools and homeless people. I like working with children because they always come up with something unexpected”.

The event started with a speech from Burridge about jewellery design. She asked children if they knew what the words symmetry and asymmetry meant and then explained the importance of choosing only odd numbers of beads, with a maximum of nine, to make a beautiful necklace.

“You can colour unpainted beads to match with the string and decorate your beads” she said.

After 15 minutes of children thinking about which jewellery design might look best, she asked: “What’s your thought about your design? Do you like the symmetrical one?” and, then, she helped children create pretty jewels.

Children were really focused on their work and enjoyed the event. “I need one more [bead]. You take one,” one said to the other. Another one: “Oh I can take both of these”.

Their parents were involved too, assisting them in selecting the nicest beads and strings.

At the end, after one hour of jewellery creation and entertainment, there was a little fashion show with children being proud of their job and wearing their necklaces. This event was a complete success and I really enjoyed too.

If you would like to learn how to knit, dressmaking or develop your own creativity book workshops or online sessions at and free your artistic flair!

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