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So to celebrate releasing the second video for Trident Sessions (Trident Sessions are designed to showcase the University of Hertfordshire’s student-led performers such as bands, solo artists or DJs), here is a throwback to the first band that Trident Media recorded for Trident Sessions: Ignite Paradise!

Ignite Paradise are a four piece rock band who met and formed at UH:

Tom Allison (bass guitar/ lead vocals)

Tom Rumbellow (lead guitar/ backing vocals)

Ollie Lloyd (rhythm guitar/ backing vocals)

Mike Samuel Bryans (drums)

Ignite Paradise regularly play gigs around the Hertfordshire area and recently took part at an Open Mic night at the EleHouse.

This was their set list:

“Self Destruct” (original)

“Don’t Stop” (original)

“Five Colours In Her Hair” (McFly cover)

“We Are Never Getting Back Together” (Taylor Swift cover)

As you can, see there was an even mix of cover and original songs in their set list showing that, while the band loves to perform their own material, they also like to put their own twist on classic pop songs. Their cover of “Five Colours in her Hair” has become something of an Ignite Paradise staple.

I talked to them afterwards to get some hints and tips on performing at an Open Mic night for those who haven’t done it before.

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First of all, I asked the band whether they had actually been to an Open Mic night before:

Tom Allison:

“Yeah, I’ve been to quite a few.”

Tom Rumbellow:

“Yes, I’ve played at Open Mic nights before!”

Ollie Lloyd:

“Yeah, I’ve been to Open Mic nights before but I’ve never played. I’ve just supported others!”

(Mike Samuel Bryan, in true drummer style, did not answer any of the questions!)

So some of the band had played Open Mic nights before and some hadn’t! The important question now is, did they enjoy the experience?

Tom Allison:

“Definitely! Everyone should do them.”

Tom Rumbellow:

“Yeah, the experience was great. I’d definitely do it again but only if I had some new material to show.”

Ollie Lloyd:

“Yes definitely. I’ll take every opportunity to play live.”

So it sounds like any band that is worth their salt should try playing an Open Mic night at least once! So I asked the band if they had any words of advice for people thinking of performing at an Open Mic night.

Tom Allison:

“Just do it and if you mess up don’t show it. Just keep going!”

Tom Rumbellow:

“Don’t think. Just do. You’ll regret not going.”

Ollie Lloyd:

“You’re not going to please everyone with the songs you play, so play the songs that you want, not everyone else!”

There you have it, if you are thinking about doing an Open Mic night, don’t think and don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it!

You can follow Ignite Paradise on Facebook.

To hear one of the songs on their set list (Don’t Stop) check out their Trident Sessions performance:

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