Spotlight: Amir Tadayon’s Graduation Story.

By Anira Barai.

What is After Graduation?

“What am I going to do after graduation?”, a question that most of us ask ourselves, yet we don’t really have an answer to. I mean, we’re undergraduates, right? We all are dealing with a bunch of exams and assignments at the same time, we got no time to worry about the future right now. During the first three years of University we are all trying to find ourselves, the first year we don’t really realise this but as we go up a year, we age two years! Simply because we get twice as much coursework and twice as many friends to deal with. Not to forget paying the gas and the electricity bills on time and buying friend’s birthday gifts which double our financial problems too. (This is why I have no friends lol)

However, in the end, we always find answers what we are looking for just like others. Trident Media got a chance to know Amir Tadayon’s inspirational journey and share it with you all. Amir graduated last year with a BSc in Mathematics, currently working at Mathnasium as a Lead Instructor as well as a private tutor for A levels and above.

He started studying at the University of Hertfordshire hoping to get his grades together and achieve something in life, university is not even close to as easy as it sounds, besides study you have other thousands of things to cop up with. Amir was a founder and president of the Iranian Cultural Society which was nominated as the “best new cultural society”, his Course representative, a Venue Staff at Hertfordshire Student Union and a Private Maths tutor. He touched the second round of the Flair competition with his Tutoring business idea.

How did you manage all these with your studies and personal life?

It was not that calm, I faced lots of complication on my way here, thanks to all kinds of help and support from the University of Hertfordshire I managed to finish my journey with something important in my life.

How did you manage to find your dream job, or say the right job after graduation?

Well, thanks to all careers fair that took place at university. One of my friends visited STEM careers fair at university and met a representative from Mathnasium, she passed on information about the job. I decided to apply for that and after many rounds of interviews and assessment, I was hired.

What kind of university services did you use to get through with your journey?

During my third year I faced a major car crash on campus, which lead to a mild depression as my car was really close to my heart, Wellbeing support helped me throughout my hard times to get over with it.

For graduation job application and my CV making careers support helps me in every way. Attending different workshops was helpful and informative. Which helped me to plan my own business idea and give it a shape which currently I am working on.

What advice would you like to give to your fellow students?

Definitely, have lots of fun, make lots of friends and be part of as many activities as you can. This time is never going to come back get the most out of it…

We also get a chance to speak to Amir’s current employer who seems very happy to have him on the board. “At Mathnasium, we look for exceptional people that are caring, enthusiastic and passionate about maths and teaching. Amir demonstrated all of these traits, showing a keen interest in how we help our students reach their learning goals. His maths skills are of a very high standard which is in part due to a high quality of education he received at the University of Hertfordshire. Amir is a team player and we are very happy to have welcomed someone of his calibre into our incredible team of highly skilled maths instructors.”

As it seems this journey is the answer to all our question, along the way we find who we are and what we are. The way Amir found his destination hope we all do and thanks to great support from university who played a very major role in our Journey.

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