Sports at UH: All you need to know

Image: Kristian Lissimore

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Sport is big part of everyone’s life; you may have just read that and scoffed, but it’s true.

Whether you played rounders as a child in the park with your family – in the one week of nice

weather during summer – or you really engaged with sports teams and activities, it has been a part of your making you, you. That’s why here at UH there are a lot of activities and sports you can get involved with, both competitively and just for fun!

Image: Kristian Lissimore

Image: Kristian Lissimore

The Athletic Union

‘The Athletic Union (AU) is the organisation supported by the University of Hertfordshire

Students’ Union, through which the student representative clubs and other student sporting activities are managed. Any UH student can be a member of a sports club by joining the Athletic Union, whether you are trying a sport for the first time or if you are an experienced player. We believe that by offering the highest possible standards in terms of equipment, facilities and staff, we are giving the students the best sports experience. The Athletic Union office is located in the Sports Village on the de Havilland Campus.

The sports clubs at Herts are divided into two tiers: Tier 1 includes all the sports that would automatically come to your head if you were put on the spot at family games night, whereas Tier 2 offers slightly out of the box sports that you wouldn’t necessarily think were available (some of them anyway). The prices to join these sports clubs range between the tiers and you can also join more than one club, along with a discounted price on gym memberships. And just to make you want to join even more, you are given an Athletic Union branded hoodie, I’ve always been very jealous of the people walking around campus with these on, maybe I should join this year!

Image: Daniel Ward

Image: Daniel Ward

Active Students

Active Students was created for one reason – to see if it is possible to get students enthusiastic about exercise again, and to have fun whilst doing it. The aim is to provide free, fun and informal sessions for students, that are completely catch-free. When people hear about Active Students, they keep expecting there to be a catch because it sounds a bit too good to be true, but it is genuinely just a win-win situation for everyone. Students get to come and play sport for free, and earn rewards for doing so, showing Sport England that it is possible to get students out of bed!

With the increase in tuition fees, the recession, and student loans, a lot of students just don’t have the money to pay for gym memberships and sports clubs. Active Students allows everyone to participate in a wide range of sports and activities. It benefits the University by making the students happy, which maximises the reputation of UH. We also have a large number of international students who are shocked that we offer this for free, increasing our international reputation as an established and successful British university.

All of the coaches are professionally trained and qualified; they are paid by Sport England and are able to deliver the same quality sessions as they are trained to do for free! There are around 50 sessions available to students. These are not like the boring P.E. sessions at school that you used to dread – fun is a huge element when planning these sessions. That’s why there are the classics like football, basketball, rugby and tennis, but also new and exciting activities like Bollywood dancing and roller skating!

Image: Hertfordshire Students' Union

Image: Hertfordshire Students’ Union

Herts Halls League

The Herts Halls League is the Inter Campus Competition that hosts a number of social and sporting events. Every week, you will find a number of different sports being played on both campuses. These sports activities are free to attend, and if you participate you will gain participation points for your Halls, and if you win you will receive points to help your Halls win the league trophy! If you just want to have a ‘kick around’ or meet and play against the Pongbot, then visit the Students’ Union website for more information!

Image: Daniel Ward

Image: Daniel Ward


During your time here at UH you will have the opportunity to join one or more of our 170 societies, which offer something for everyone. Or you could create your own! There are 14 societies that are sport/active related, that offer different sports and activities to get involved with! You could go rock climbing with the Outdoor Society, skiing with the HUSKIS, or testing your strength with the Tough Mudder Society!

For more information on the sports and activities that you can get involved with at UH, visit the Students’ Union, the Athletic Union, and Active Students websites!

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