Special “Knife Amnesty bins” to be opened by Hertfordshire Police in nationwide blitz

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

The nationwide blitz, also known as Operation Sceptre will be a week long and got started on Monday 11th March and last until Sunday 17th March, a bob FM article has said.

Hertfordshire has seen an 89% increase over seven years for knife-related crime; which has increased all over the country.

During the police’s operation sceptre, it will allow owners of knives that you shouldn’t have or that you don’t want, to take their knives to Police Stations in Hatfield, Watford and Stevenage.

Also, temporary knife bins will be available at two locations in Potters Bar, the first will be at Sainsbury from 3-5pm, Tuesday 12th March and at Furzefield Centre from 3.30-5.30pm on Wednesday 13th March.

In Waltham Cross, there will be knife surrender bins placed there on a permanent basis, more details about this can be read at www.herts.police.uk/amnesty.

David Lloyd, Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, has said: “Violent crime remains relatively low in Hertfordshire, and previous amnesties have been very effective in reducing the number of knives in circulation.

“We are developing new initiatives to help young people understand that carrying a knife is not acceptable, is illegal and you are more likely to be injured or arrested if you choose to carry one.

“The amnesties are now a regular part of our violent crime reduction plan and any knives that can be taken off of our streets will help to make everyone safer.”

The amnesty will let knife owners anonymously get rid of their knives without the risk or fear of prosecution for having owned them.

Operation Sceptre also grants opportunities to give education about knife carrying dangers to young people. Also, knife crime prevention advice will be given, along with making local businesses more aware that selling some knives to under 18’s is and will continue to be illegal.

Inspector Andrew Palfreyman, leader for operational activity during Operation Sceptre, added that: “As part of our wider plan to reduce violent crime we continue to support Operation Sceptre and I encourage people to take advantage of the knife amnesty.

“During the week of action, we will also be conducting other operations to reduce knife-related crime, as well as using a poster campaign and social media to help raise awareness, especially among young people, that carrying a knife will not make you safer and is not acceptable in our county.”

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