Special Guest on Crush Breakfast Show

[Brad Johnson | Deputy Editor]

On Friday 17th October, Crush’s Breakfast Show presenters, Gage and Seb, had a special guest join them on the show from Hertfordshire Students’ Union. A very excitable Rebecca Hobbs, Director of Engagement and Communications, joined the boys on the show for a very special interview. Rebecca, who is originally from Boston in the USA, has been with Students’ Union for many years now and relished the opportunity to go on air with Trident Media.

Rebecca Hobbs described the experience on social media as “the best morning at work ever!!”. Check out the show and interview via the show’s Official Podcast.

The Breakfast Show is Going Sober for October, more information can be found at the their Official Facebook Page.

As always, tweet us #CrushBreakfast @GageOnTheRadio or @Seb491993 with ideas or suggestions!

Did you listen to the show? Get in touch and tell us who you would like to see on it next?

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