Song Review: Adele – ‘Hello’

[Ellis O’ Connell | Contributing Writer]

Our thirst has been quenched. Our senses have been graced. Yes, the indisputable Queen of Record Sales Adele is BACK WITH NEW MUSIC; THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Okay, so… *breathes* Let’s recap.

Adele infiltrated the music scene with her debut album 19, home to the timeless ‘Chasing Pavements’ and ‘Hometown Glory’. Then, as she released her second album, came the era that single-handedly saved the music industry. One that needs no introduction, 2011’s 21 sold a colossal thirty million copies worldwide, catapulting Adele to worldwide-phenomenon status. After releasing the James Bond soundtrack single ‘Skyfall’, the world faced a 3-year-drought. A drought of untouchable vocals, of unintentionally-hilarious interviews; a drought of Adele. Now, with her third album (aptly titled 25), being released on November 20th, the soul-pop superstar has released her new single ‘Hello’, and it’s incredible.

Sunday, October 18th was a glorious day. In an X Factor ad-break, some six million viewers were halted in their tea-making tracks as they were presented with an advert. No introduction, no cheesy tag lines, and no succinct ending. As the piano commenced, the immediately recognisable voice was accompanied by on-screen lyrics, culminating the preview to ‘Hello’. The advert ended with an ellipsis, sending my Twitter timeline into a gushing meltdown, excited about the prospect of an Adele return after three long years.

Wednesday, October 21st was an equally glorious day. Adele shared an open letter via her Twitter, explaining the concept behind the creation, and the official title, of 25; this followed with reports that a new song from her was arriving on Friday (23rd).

Produced by Greg Kurstin (the man behind Ellie Goulding’s ‘Burn’, ‘Years & Years’ ‘Shine’ and Sia’s ‘Chandelier’), the piano ballad features stripped-back verses with a behemoth chorus. “Hello from the other side / I must’ve called a thousand times”, Adele cries, pleading that she’s “sorry for everything that I’ve done”. However, Adele notes that her love interest, or as her letter would suggest, her past self, doesn’t care as it “clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore.” The song crescendos to a gargantuan last chorus, with Adele effortlessly showcasing her spectacular vocal ability.

There’s no question that ‘Hello’, and 25, will be worldwide smashes. In her letter, Adele apologies for the delay in giving us much-wanted new music, explaining “you know, life happened.” I think we can forgive you, Adele.

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