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The Hertfordshire Students’ Union has over 100 societies ranging from subject-related and active to religious and music, all for the purpose of socialising and making students feel at home while on campus. Below are snapshots of two societies, one an upcoming cultural society and the other a well-established religious society, growing in popularity.

The Adullam Fellowship Society

Image: Adullam Society

This is a religious society that is part of a larger network of religious organisations, overseen by the Open Heavens Church on Bishops Rise. The society meets at the Lindhop Building every Tuesday and are devoted to helping the surrounding area. They aim to get students involved by providing activities and events that allow them to become a bigger part of the community, which everyone automatically joins when they move to Hatfield. The society is all inclusive, despite the cultural or religious backgrounds their prospective members may come from, so everyone can get involved.

The Open Heavens Church holds a big event for the freshers every year, as a welcome to the University of Hertfordshire and the community. They aim to provide a home away from home, counselling and other facilities. After Freshers’ Week, the first meeting will be the Big Bang Service, dubbed ‘King of Kings’, which new or interested members can attend and enjoy live music and performances.

All year round, the society offers religious services, and holds social events and debates along with volunteering opportunities, such as being able to help out at the local food bank. If you are interested in joining the Adullam Fellowship society, more information can be found via their Facebook page: Adullam Fellowship, or on the SU website: (access via Activities > Societies > Faith).

K-Pop Society

Image: Lashara Van Heerden

The K-Pop Society stands for Korean Pop and will officially begin after Freshers’ Week. Despite being brand new, they have already gained 16 members and have seen a lot of interest from the international students. The society prides itself on being open to anyone and everyone who enjoys Korean pop and dancing, but it is primarily about introducing the Korean culture in a fun and active way, quoting the society’s page, K-Pop is not just about music, it is “a lifestyle”.

After Freshers’ Week, their plan is to hold social events for their members that range from dance events and classes, BBQ nights, language exchange corners, and many more to really immerse their members in the world of Korean music, dance and culture.

If you would like to get involved, you can add the society on Facebook: HSU K-Pop Society or get more information on the SU website: (access via Activities > Societies > Culture).

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