Society Showcase: Introducing the UH Pub Society

[Kat Clements | Contributing Writer]

When you think of societies, you often think of a way of improving your CV or maybe learning a new skill. However, the Pub Society completely turns this on its head as it allows you to be part of a society for people who just enjoy going to the pub!

Drinking is obviously a bonus in a pub, but this society also encompasses people who simply like the atmosphere of a pub. St Albans is used as their headquarters with the wide array of drinking establishments – with over 50 pubs to explore.

The society meet in a pub on a fortnightly basis and rate the pub they’re visiting and also arrange events like pub quizzes, gigs, and most recently a beer festival on College Lane Campus where they sold over 200 pints!

Matthew Young, a 20 year old Business Studies student joined this year and loves being part of the society. He said:

“Pub Society provides several socials throughout the week with pub meals and quizzes. However, the big event is once every two weeks, the whole club gets together to go to one pub to play classic pub games, socialise and get smashed. We also have pub crawls in places such as Oxford and Hitchin. We always rate the pubs at the end of the night.” (the more drunk people get, usually the higher the score).”

Like most societies, this one definitely provides plenty of memories. Young said: “The pub crawl in Hitchin was one of my favourite memories. I had just done shots with the barmen and we realised we only had 15 minutes to get back to the station to catch the last train. So, we all had to sprint out carrying out pints, beer was going everywhere and we are trying to drink them at the same time. Someone throws up but we keep going. We’re physically forcing the doors open to get the last person and the police are behind us and ask ‘What are we doing all going home so early? Because the night has only just begun!”

Michael Watkis is also a member of the society and describes it as “a place for people who enjoy beers, ales or ciders and encourages new friendships.” It seems like a healthy alternative to the classic Herts night out of pre drinks and the Forum – a chance to actually talk to people whilst enjoying a drink. Watkis added:

“It’s for anyone who wants to have a drink with friendly students and enjoy a pub atmosphere instead of a club one or alongside like I do. I’ve made around 20 great new friends which I wouldn’t have met without this society.”

So, why not give the pub society a go? It’s a party society with a family feel, with events always encouraged to keep up enthusiasm and get everyone involved. Drinking and making new friends and memories – sounds like the society for me!

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