Society Showcase: I am KIN

By Ariane Ngunza

Just like any other university, UH is a place to learn and grow as an individual. One thing I can say is the best thing about being a student at UH is the different things you can get involved in. The different communities you can be a part of. UH has a wide range of great societies that you can join. From the ‘Boozy Bus’ society to the ‘Game of Thrones’ society, there’s a place for everyone. One society that I think deserves recognition is none other than the ‘Home KIN’ society.

Home KIN is not just a society but a community which aims to shape the future of young adults and are also passionate about Jesus. It’s the young adult’s ministry of Home Church which is based here in Hatfield. Their motto is ‘No one left behind’ so anyone who comes to them becomes family because that’s what the term ‘KIN’ represents.

The society is led by alumni of UH Anthony and Lindsay Christopher who according to the members are the best leaders ever. One thing I can say about them and their roles as the young adult pastors are that not only are they passionate about Jesus, but they are also passionate about people. Their aim is to build an environment where there is laughter, fun, (sometimes food) and where the young adults do life together. One proud member named Regina Idowu states that: “KIN gives me hope for the future”.

After hearing from some members of the society, the top 3 things they said they loved about being in KIN is the sense of “community and family”, “fun” and “loyalty”. They get to be around a group of people who not only have a common denominator (Jesus) but who can help grow in their faith and enable them to just go through life together. Another proud member of KIN said the following, “The pastors are loving, always there and are great leaders. They see in people what they don’t see in themselves and help nourish that every step of the way”- Harriet M Chunu.

Every Wednesday evening, there is something to look forward to. There is a range of connect groups, socials and services that take place. The groups are where you grow, the socials are where you get to know others and the services is where the two combined flows. There’s fun, music and talks that will aid in your physical as well as spiritual development.

If you’re a Christian who’s looking for somewhere to go or just someone who is looking for a social group, may I suggest Home KIN? Catch them on Sundays at either 10 am, 12 pm or 4 pm at the forum to find out more!

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