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Society Showcase: Herts SU Drama Society

[Matthew Yeoman | Contributing Writer]

If there is a society that deserves recognition for its outstanding achievement, it is the Drama Society. As one of the more popular societies, its family like feel attracts many new members year on year.

For those that make it through the first couple of sessions and decide that drama really is a place for them, a world of theatre and performance awaits. The first show of the year is always a pantomime and this year was no different. ‘Robin Hood: A Game of Crowns’ saw the actors and tech take the audience into Nottinghamshire, following the story of Robin Hood with a Game of Thrones type twist. The darker Semester B play took the audience to the court of Hades, in ‘Court of the Damned’. This performance saw many icons from Greek mythology being condemned to Tartarus, with no mercy from the God of the Underworld. Court of the Damned also boasted new tech with the introduction of sound and human interaction to provide terrifying atmospherics.

It’s not just the main performances that drama excels at. There are many opportunities throughout the year to get involved with acting in one way or another. This year, the society took part in a murder mystery event which was attended by other students and members of the university. Another popular event was the 32 hour challenge, which really is as challenging as it sounds, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable.

For anyone who has an interest in any part of performance, whether it’s acting, tech, music or anything else for that matter, this is the society for you. Next year is full of opportunity and the drama family welcomes all to join.

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