Society Showcase: Alternative Music Society

[Rajan Bhasin | Alt Music Co-President 2012-15]

The Alternative Music Society, which I have been co-president along with Matas Mazas for the past two and a half years, is one of our proudest achievements.

We took it from being a deeply misunderstood society to a highly successful one and, in recognition of our efforts, in 2014 earned the SU’s highest honour for a society: Gold S.T.A.M.P.S accreditation.

May 2014: We elected a new committee for this academic year to carry the torch and stoke the fire we started. We all strove to represent the entire spectrum of “alternative music” with our own club night (Alt Invasion), as well as a couple of curveball events to prove that we are far more than “the Metal Society”.

The past year has been a bumpy ride for the Alternative Music Society, although by no means a bad year.

Semester A 2014: The new committee ran a successful Fresher’s Fair (well over 100 sign ups!) and was followed by ‘Unplugged’ and a Jazz Themed Remembrance night, both of which were surprise hits. ‘Unplugged’, our first live music gig was intended to be our last hurrah before we handed the reins over. The Twirling Canes and Robbie Cavanagh captivated the Ele House with their haunting, yet melodic electro-acoustic performances. They left the stage followed by applause and cries for “one more song!”

The ‘Remembrance Day Dance’ was similarly successful and raised a fair amount of money for the Royal British Legion.  It was another unexpected, though truly “alternative,” event.

Semester B 2015: After such a successful semester, the newly elected committee all had to step down for various reasons, unfortunately, so Matas and I stepped up; the last thing we wanted was to see the society get dissolved. It was a shame our friends quit the committee and it was a huge bump in the society’s road to success, but it felt great to be in the driver’s seat again.

As the emergency committee, we had two goals for the semester: 1) Keep the society alive – which we did with a few Alt Invasions. 2) Find a new committee whom we could trust to put back on course the sharply derailed train that was our society AND who could bring fresh new ideas to the table.

These were our true final acts as Co-Presidents, and it’s safe to say that we achieved them.

I hope that, if you’re reading this, you’re able to get involved with, or at least support the Alternative Music Society in some way. It’s got a lot to offer and they’re the defenders of a scene that barely gets the time in the sun it deserves.

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